We use the freshest milk and the finest ingredients to make our delicious Orange Windmill cheese. Steeped in history, we offer a range of specialty cheese of premium quality mixed with herbs and seasonings to make its flavour something quite special.


Edam Specials

One of the most well-loved Dutch cheeses, Edam, is widely associated with Holland as it originates from the town with the same name. It used to be the centre of Dutch cheese export. Orange Windmill Edam specials have a smooth texture and are infused with carefully selected herbs and seasonings, giving this special Edam cheese a completely unique taste.

Gouda Specials

This range of traditional mild and creamy Gouda cheeses are flavoured with carefully selected herbs and spices. They can be enjoyed as the perfect filling in a sandwich, as delicious appetiser or as feature on a cheese board. Usually produced in wheels of 4.5 kg and 12 kg.

Little Specials

Great as a gift or treat, the cheeses are small in size but big in flavour! Creamy and soft they have been infused with specially selected herbs and spices.

Other Specials

Besides the Edam and Gouda specialty cheese with seasonings, Orange Windmill offers a few additional cheese types, each offering their own characteristic flavour and appearance.